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Words and Expressions Explanations Synonyms
In the BLS community, 3st doesn't mean "Thirst" as in being thirsty. It was meant to be "3rd" as in "Third" but Ciro's english wasn't at its finest. It was later overused in the community to imitate Ciro's funny mistake. - 3rd
- Third
- Thirst
Black Long Sausages
Being a community filled with some people with naughty sense of humor, there's no surprise that someone like Lid would come up with that name when someone randomly asked what the BLS clan stood for. That way, it likely keeps people intrigued about the clan, even probably Google searching for us until it leads them here. There's nothing wrong about having some pride in the size of our junks. But a reminder for the real clan's name, it's "Black Luster Soldiers". - Sausages
Dick Mode
In North American servers, Lid had been hated for his fragging skills when he was at his best. A few bunch of guys kept calling him a "dick" and asked him to stop being a "dick". Lid then took it to another level and changed his nickname to BLS|DickMode and tried to make them get even more angry (sometimes without the BLS tag because he doesn't want to ruin the BLS image). Being in "dick mode" is basically playing as annoying as possible to make the opponent players hate your gameplay as much as possible. This includes laming around in the enemy base, extreme spawn-killing, redeemer annoyance, ass-running, ruining other people's killing streaks, major taunting, DMing (deathmatching) in a CTF game and anything possible. It was often used as a parody from Kron's "Ninja Mode: On" to "Dick Mode: On" although the main phrase used by Lid would be "Time for dick mode!". The main purpose is to make the opponent players rage-quit (especially a targeted one). Playing like a dick only happens against people who had insulted us. - Laming
- Being an asshole
- Ass-running
- Disturbing
- Annoying
In the BLS community, that word was meant to be "Monsterhunt" but with a little bit of "hardcoreness" involved. Monsterhunt is a game mode in UT99 where players hunt for monsters and complete objectives and missions. Monsters themselves could be a bunch of cunts sometimes. The "Monstercunt" expression was first introduced by Laz and it could even be used as a verb like "It's time to Monstercunt!". - Monsterhunt
In BLS community, NA does not mean "Not Available" nor "Not Active". It means "North American". NA players are basically North American players (from Canada to USA to Mexico). It is likely mentioned to make a huge emphasis on the whole time zone difference and ping problems between North Americans and Europeans at large. - North American
- Western
ND doesn't stand for "Andy". It stands for "No Download". It was the given name for a server located in Netherlands. The server was very popular with very little downloads and it was created by Rob (AKA adminthis). That server was where most of the main people in BLS community have met. It included LMS and CTF in both Normal Weapons or ComboGib. It was where the famous grapplehook had ever existed and that was where BLS was born. - Rob's Server
- No Downloads
Strange three letters being used among the BLS community and overused by Laz, Lid and Soge. The "word" was first introduced by Lid in the hot women's thread in order to describe Laz actions. If you tilt your head to the left, you'd see a sticky figure. O being the head, G being the arms with the right hand holding something (beer or any other stuff) and C being the legs in a funny posture. In BLS community definition, it simply depicts a male holding his genital. It was even made into an animation picture by Soge using the UT font [See Epic Gallery Picture]. - Touching one self
- Masturbation
- Self-Pleasure
[Only applying to guys].