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Description: Titles are there to make you realize what people have recognized from you in this BLS community. This page contains the names of all official titles holders. But titles can be "borrowed" by anyone. More details can be discussed at: Titles Thread Security: Since there's been some plagiarisms in the past by few other clans stealing BLS concepts and pictures, there are hidden BLS words in every single title pictures, especially in the trophies.

Titles Informations Holders Details of Achievements
The most quiet person with deadly skills in games. Hosse and Berserker Hosse and Berserker are known to be the most calm and quietest individuals who just happened to have deadly skills in games. They let their skills talk.
The player with most insane number of grabs in a single game. Lazarus *BREAKING NEWS AUGUST 29 2011* Laz got 81 grabs in 26 minutes in a crowded URS Combogib server: Thorn map.
The player with most insane number of headshots in a single game. Chr1st Chr1st may very often be rusty in sniping games but when he's at his best, he has recorded 131 headshots in one single game of CTF-Face. That's an insane record that is believed to be left untouched by anyone else except himself!
The person with most all-time posts on BLS forum.
[Replies and Created Topics combined].
Lazarus Laz is currently our forum dynamic user according to stats page here: CLICK HERE
The most faithful clan member of all time. Shai-Hulud Shai has once become a Dark member and will always stay a Dark member no matter what will happen. No one has ever overcome the temptation of leaving a clan in order to join another. Except for Shai.
The most "Away From Keyboard" player who still managed to win without playing in the entire game (teammates do all the work). Melissa Melissa often has games where she doesn't move at all for the whole game. Yet she still managed to win most of them thanks to her team. But if she was playing, it would have been an overkill.
The player who managed to lead his team with worst score ever at the end of the game. SogeKing In a No Downloads server game, Soge managed to lead his team with a score of 0 point when the game was over. All his teammates were in the minus.
The player who captured the flags a little too much to overkill the game. Mhad It was shown on a screenshot that Mhad has made 19 caps and 1 assist with 22 grabs in CTF-K-Lined_SE. It's the most we've witnessed so far in a game of 19 minutes.
The player who always seems to have the redeemer all the time and abuse it. MC It was said by many people that MC has a great timing to get the redeemer all the time and use it whenever it's necessary. He gets it very quickly before anyone else as well.
The most friendly and respectful person who has been hanging out with BLS all the time ever since it was created. Shai-Hulud Shai was and has always been the BLS top friend. Having him around us would always give us a strong atmosphere of comfort, familiarity and friendship.
This title is reserved for UT female players. Ch3rry, Pauline, Lollipop, Fearless, etc... Those girls may attract a lot of guys if you see their real faces behind their monitors. But they're nowhere near typical soft girls when you meet them in games. Their skills can humiliate you if you're not careful enough to watch your own back. Never underestimate girls!
The most inconstant player ever! You can never predict how well the player will play in games. He can be so good and useful in some games, or he could be as bad as playing with just one hand while we have no idea what's happening with the other hand. SogeKing, Lazarus and Lidstrom Those guys are what people have witnessed to be very good at their best but then many times they can surprise you by performing really bad like as if they were really OGC-ing. Stats may amazingly drop.
The player who does no frag and uses no violence in games, yet helps his team to earn victory. Lidstrom and Shai-Hulud Though Lid has done a record of 5 caps from 6 grabs within 4 minutes without using a weapon in a 8vs8 game LiandriDocks, it is believed that Shai could always do better, from his tricky and strategic movements.
The player who loves to camp a lot in games. *No one* No one in the BLS community is notorious enough for being a camper. Maybe because it's not a honorable style to use in games.
The player who always escapes from a game full of skilled opponents known to own everyone. *No one* Though there are plenty in UT, there seems to be no one in BLS community who's known to be coward enough to switch team to side up with a stacked team or to spectate / leave when the game is too full of skilled players to play against.
The player who amazingly can't perform well in individualistic games but can be completely the opposite in team games. All Pure CTF Players Since BLS is originally a CTF clan, the community was originally focused on CTF as well. So a lot of people here are CTF team players and unfortunately not individualists.
The most lonely warrior of all time in games and BLS community. Terminator What's more lonely than a co-owner of CoD clan without the other owner being present? Not only is Termi the only friendly CoD member to actively participate in BLS community but in games he can also go to war by himself.
The player who always tries to look good no matter what. *Up for you to judge* It's getting obvious when the person would keep posting way too many screenshots all the time to show how well he/she does in games, in a way to turn it into a routine.
The player who always gets killed unluckily all the time. Siren Siren AKA Joshua is already unlucky enough to play with a high ping all the way from the Philippines. In games, he often gets killed to the point we always feel bad for him and especially for his ping.
Female players destined to learn from BLS clan. Moko and Sovvie Moko and Sovvie are the current girls that are training with BLS. Strangely, the girl pictured in the title looks more like Sovvie.
The player who has done the most covers in a single game. Arturro R2 has overkilled a previous record set by p0p which was 25 covers. R2 came up with 46 covers in a single game, which is still an unbeatable record at the moment. This explains why he's like our "bodyguard".
The player who's known for dodging so well. Shai-Hulud Shai is the most trickiest with the flag. His dodging is the main reason why he's often still alive no matter how much you spam at him. He's often the longest survivor with the flag and he will cap for his team.
The player who always seeks for a duel. Terminator and JackDaniels Terminator and JackDaniels were both the only guys witnessed in the BLS community to have shown some challenge of wanting to duel with anyone. The sad thing is, we don't think anyone in here likes to duel much.
The player who has killed the most flag carriers. Chr1st Of course, who else but the Chr1st. Once you put him in defense, that's pretty much it. He completely destroyed every previous records (52 and 53) by engraving his own record, a big 117 flag kills in a single game.
The player who seems to have some communication problems and total misunderstanding at its best. Minde and Paczus Minde has the weirdest kind of communication, with the most terrible English ever, without any sign of improvement at all. His spams make no sense, what he tries to express makes no sense, everything makes no sense. Paczus is right behind.
The player who spams a little too much but it's part of his style. *No one* There seems to be no one who's fully categorized as a spammer. Although anyone can spam, no one in BLS community is officially known for spamming a combo, shock balls, rockets, etc all his entire life.
The player who saves flags the most in a single game. Lidstrom Lid had a game in Eternal Cave where he killed the enemy flag carrier right before they capped 5 times. This means 5 caps were denied and returned, allowing his team to win and ruining the other team's hopes to celebrate.
The player who frags so much, people cry. Chr1st Chr1st is known as the fragger in our clan, no doubt about it. Not only is he our fragger, but he appeared to be the best in the community, with an insane record of 462 frags/kills in one single game! It's been recorded on UrS server, Thorns V2 map.
The player with pure personality boosting positive morals in games and off games. Ch3rry and MokonaFan. According to most people in the community, these two are the hardest people to pick a fight against. Their personalities are too pure and soft to get angry against them or to even argue against them.
The player who went on a huge monster kill streak. J0ker J0ker was seen in CTF-Face flipping right to left, left to right in the enemy base, going Godlike in about 15 seconds. This means he killed 25 in 15 seconds. That's a caffeine overdose despite the name "On Crack".
The player who loves to give his enemies some quick death. One shot, one kill. Mox Mox is a guy you would often see with a sniper rifle and he's very deadly with it. He always aims for headshot. He seems to love instagib as well, which makes him a typical "one shot one kill" player.
The player who happened to get killed way too many times in a single game. Lazarus In contrast with the "Unlucky Victim" title, Laz rarely is an unlucky victim in general. He's very skilled himself, but there's this one game where he had to face his clan mate (and leader mate) Chr1st, inflicting Laz 273 deaths. Ouch.
The most curious person of all time in BLS community. Mhad Mhad earns this title for his well-known curiosity that no one can ever beat aside Avanox (from CoD) who had infiltrated some BLS secret sections after convincing Anonymous to give away his password. But Mhad may find you all the way to your personal websites!
All that was a SHE, was a HE all these times. Melissa Often suspected in the past to be a male behind a female impression, Melissa couldn't find a better excuse to his accidental manly sound on TS when the mic was on. "Jack" was also his MSN information's name.
The only necrophilia lovers of UT. Lazarus When it comes to female Necris, you better watch out if you're using that skin. You don't wanna hear someone fapping himself nearby, do you? If you do, embrace yourself for some "Lazarus" inside of you.
The players who kept carrying their team. BLS Most of BLS and their community members have the power to carry their teams in every game. But only a few of them constantly stood out the most in public.
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Fan-Made Titles Informations Holders Details of Achievements
The player who likes to abuse taunts a little too much. Fearless According to some people who got the idea for this title, they concluded that Talia (Fearless) was meant to hold the title for being annoying with her taunts. The title was brought here by Moko.
The cutest person on BLS forum. MokonaFan "Everything she/he does is cute: Her Gameplay = Cute, Her anger = cute, her jokes = cute, her music = cute, EVERYTHING is Cute!! The purified Definition of cute. ^^ and when She complains about this tittle you better believe it's going to be Cute!! x)" - Soge
The person who gives infantile names to others. SogeKing Ever since Soge has called Moko with plenty funny little cute names, Moko could feel Soge pinching her cheeks with them. So while being irritated, she has made this title which should fit Soge for what he has done to her.
The person who wrote interesting stories and novels. Chr1st and MC Title made by Moko but well recognized in the community. Chr1st and MC are known on the forum for writing great interesting stories and novels. "Turned out a lil too *CoughfeminineCough*" - Moko.
Title made by Moko --- Moko's copyright
The most agile translocator/grapple user. Lazarus This title made by Moko was meant to be for MC, but she has failed to recognize that the real master in this community was actually Laz. Laz had introduced to the clan the real way of translocating. Even with grapple, he could murder anyone.
Title made by Moko --- Moko's copyright
BLS Fanatic Ch3rry "This tittle is for the person who has always shown love to all BLS! Ch3rry, is not only a very active BLS member but, she is also one of the most important ones of ALL BLS!! When BLS seems to enter a negative mood, she comes and shows the right path to us all. But, don't get it wrong moral support is not the only thing she brings to the table, her skills are just as important!!! Her killing abilities have been know to bring the boys down to their knees more often that I can count! A self proclaimed "Fanatic BLS" her presence would always be a positive thing for us all...BLS will always be better with a Ch3rry on top!! ;)" - Soge
Title made by Moko --- Moko's copyright
Title made by Moko --- Moko's copyright
Title made by Moko --- Moko's copyright
Title made by Ch3rry --- Ch3rry's copyright
Title made by Ch3rry --- Ch3rry's copyright
Nena Hermosa! Sovvie "The person who makes everyone else around her smile. Her laugh is so contagious that you can't help but laugh with her! Loved by everyone who knows her she is always someone good to have around when you want to smile and lift your spirits up! :]" - Soge
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