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The New Generation BLS
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Additional Information

Nick: BLS"Mattie"
Name: Matthew Bergeron
Favorite Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Favorite Map: Coret
Favorite Taunt: "My House"
Favorite Player: Mareike
Role Model (Mentor): J0ker
Favorite quote used: "Me > You"
Favorite line used: "BLS CARRIESSSS"
Favorite insult: "GFG"
"MC is a Canadian guy from Toronto who I first met in No Downloads servers around year 2007! At that time, he was jumping like a bunny and barely could frag. We became friends when I joined Darkness clan. Then I decided to create another clan where things would be more organized as a community. He suggested Black Luster Soldiers because it was his dream tag and clan name (based on YuGiHo). So the name basically came from him even though I was the creator of the clan. This is also why he now took my place of being the main BLS leader (because I don't have time to lead a clan anymore). He was known as our only guy playing with crappy modem ping. But nowadays, he's very deadly with his cable! If you compare him from years ago with nowadays, you wouldn't believe it's the same person. He's got very good sniper precision when he's in his game and he's even having fun owning!" - Lid
"He has crappy ping coz he lives in canada and is one of them players who always has the damn flag so when you are hunting him down , its really damn hard to find him then kill him. His flipping and movement have improved which also makes it hard to kill him , plus the fact he has good aim , hes a real tough cookie " soz for the gay pun "" - Anon
"This is the guy that he always had someting to talking about lol.. a very good parthner.. but let me tell u mc that some times u never cover anybody.. i f u see some one with the flagg u better go on the enemy base to fiand the another capp than cover the FC.. haha.. well thats waht i see sometimes.. sry... but out of that i think u and me we r the best knight.. only cuuz our ping suxx... well.. tahts all.." - Ciro
"One of the best attackers ive seen in my whole ut career. He will confuse you when he has the flag. He has the whole map in his head and knows every little secret about it. Facing him when he has a good ping is something you just dont want to do and even with a bad ping he will snipe your face off. He isnt the killing type of attacker but he will still shoot at you when given the oppurtunity. When hes on his game I suggest you either run away and hide or be ready to lose 5-0." - Kron
"Mc plays (Edited: no longer) on ND with a ping around 400. That must suck big time.. But still he is one of the best! Always making BLS proud on Lava Giant when he rules the map. If you ever get two redeemers up your ass in one minute.. then it has to be MC xD Probably the BLS player I've played with most games through all times. He was there when BRIDGETROLL was born haha I was so tired and had so much fun xD And when I'm playing a map with a redeemer.. I know who's gonna abuse it xD Aaaalways in my face haha I often meet you in the mornings while i log on msn.. and you've been up late xD Also a good and mature leader who takes care of his duty in a good way. thumbs up!" - Laz
"Ever since writing that story, i have fallen in love with your right and left hands because of the magic they typed onto this forum. that story was really beautiful and moved me when i learned of the reasons you had for your absence. i havent played you or with you at all since that and as far as i know, you might completely suck. but your writing makes up for it" - Kron (again but later)
"The Legendary Mc…Mc was the first BLS I interacted with, It was always fun chasing him with Deemer in Pyramids, Sniper Fortress, and Lavagiant…Looking back I was just being an asshole chasing a 300+ ping guy with Deemers lol. But don’t feel bad for him though because he always managed to cap in all these three maps, Specially Sniper Fortress. I always known he was a good player but, it was not until he got his connection fixed that I realize how fucking good his aim is. If Mc were not BLS I would definitely believe he is a bot, his aim is just that crazy. A natural sniper, he will snipe your fucking head off, just count on it. When he’s on defense you better believe the enemy won’t touch your flag and when they do, it would only take him a few seconds to get it back. It’s always fun playing with and against him. Victory should be expected if Mc is on your team" - Soge

"By far the deadliest player in the clan. Chr1st AKA hauntzter takes j0kers flipping and turns it into trans-flipping. He taught me the trans flip and this div1 killer should not be the person you want to face. He can probably take out anyone from BLS 3v1 easily without even trying and while drinking coffee. He is the master and we are the students. Everything he does is amazing in my eyes. Just watching him use the shock rifle blows my mind on how smooth and accurate he is with any kind of combo. Still, flipping, moving, spin around, falling, or even backflip (if thats possible). anything he does looks pretty. Even when he dies (once a round maybe) it still looks pro because he dies special ways somehow. I dont know how thats possible but it is :D." - Kron
"Well what can I say.. I'm proud of bringing him here this has been a lovley time and i'm happy every time I see you. He's a killingmachine with so much skill in pretty everything in UT Also a very nice person coming to the servers and saying hello to me sometimes xD I remember the old days when we played on Dutchnet fooling around with our enemies like puppys haha I will not talk more about your skills.. they talk for themselves xD but it's so cool that we're almost the same person haha scary with so many similarities we find xD My first UT friend and awesome we're still goin!! Edited: Long since I saw you now mate.. maybe you're out travelling as usual? :P I hope to see you soon again on servers, msn, forum or anywhere :)" - Laz
"BLS Chr!$t - Again another person that I wasn't there when he entered BLS. I remember the first time I saw him; he was playing that pirate map and he just fucked everyone up the ass. I then asked him, "I'm Assuming your BLS Christ.." and he went, "Yea, which noob are you?" or something like that..lmao. I then told him I was BLS and was 2nd in command and then we instantly started talking. Actually out of all the people on BLS, I think I would be rocked the most if he left, even though I know all of you more then him. It's weird because there was a time when he did leave. (Enters the story/deep mode). It began when Christ wanted me to play with him in a game and I said no because I was either doing something or was just in a bad mood. He then took it in a way as I didn't like him and left the clan instantly. Immediately I kept asking him why and then we went into this sort of weird guessing game, which was serious and frusturating. Eventually I told him that because it was myself that forced you to leave (since I wanted him to come back since I told him he was good for the clan), I would then leave if you dont' like me and you can stay in BLS. Then there was a point (before the one I just stated actually) when he said, "So what would it take you to put back your BLS tag?" ((Since I took it off until he returned to BLS)) and I told him "I guess only if you joined a clan". So he then put on GP tag and said, "There now put your tag back on". I then got really hurt because I knew what he was trying to do. So completely out of it, I told him goodbye, and that I'm through with you and with the clan, so I left. In that minute, I really was going to leave BLS not because of rational thinking but more because of the heat of the moment, I didn't like getting hurt that way and would not rather put up with that bullshit with something online. I think he really noticed it and next 3 hours or so when I returned with a full head, mareike told me that christ wanted to say he's back in BLS, and he's proud to be in it....(finally looks up and reads description) Holy shit this is huge..oh well. GL LID in putting this in :D and hopfully christ will get to read this ;) Mc's Strategic Analysis - What am I suppose to say? He's the best in the clan right now. His Aim is Godlike, his movement is Almost Godlike. His Aim is Godlike. Wait, I just said that again...who gives a fuck? His AIM IS GODLIKE. This is the guy I want to be if I ever take UT in a complete serious way. Fuck the DIV 1 shit, he'll own you so hardcore you'll think your a p0rnstar like p0p. Ctf wise he knows what to do, he can do anything he wants because his skill grants him that ability. If he wants to defend, he'll do it the pro way, and will not let you enter. If he wants to cover your ass, you might as well walk slowly or go take a shit while putting a brick on your forward button because no one is touching you when the LORD himself is covering your ass. And if he's attacking you...dude..I already had to put up with anonymous going after my base..I dont need to face the future now..at least give me some ping! The only you can take down christ (and im being serious) is right when he tries to kill you, you kick him off server and hack his computer so he won't come back (you have to be admin). Because of you dont, he will come back, and he will ask you for a 1 vs 1. Dude, I just heard you broke into the church one day..and tell me, did you find jesus? ;)" - MC
"The so called " special one ". Which is a tad under stated. Me and him are so alike ( so weve been told ) Similar in the way we play UT and personality wise. He is dutch and dosnt do drugs WTF. Playing against him is fun , but fucking hard lol. I get wrist ache trying to match his flipping and shooting , which i always seem to fail at doing unless im on form , then ill get him 2 times :P He is too good at UT , yet still manages to have a life so that just kinda shows how skilled he is. He just kills everyone loll. Hes pretty funny with his insults aswell =] and always seems to stick up for people , like a big brother.. <3 christ <3 " - Anon
"the GOD. he is my idol, my mentor, and the person i look to for advice and some ass-whooping. whenever i have a problem in game that can be fixed with some training i go to this man. he knows everything there is to know and he performs to perfection. there is nothing this man cant do in game. he will always end with the most frags and highest score too.....im glad he is with us xD" - Kron (again but later)
"He is a straight forward guy, he treats everyone with respect and is very friendly, like the Great Ambassador of BLS, making everyone respect BLS' strength as a whole. Hey he even gives props to me, a complete noob, which makes me think he lies sometimes, but, nah am sure if I sucked he would tell me, right? rxD... anyway His preferred game type as of now is BT, I see him there most of the time. He's favorite map seems to be Face, He likes to "blow" heads off, and he does it like a complete "pro" ;D, I have not had the "Pleasure" of getting my head "blown off" by Chr1st but, I hope it happens soon ;) I could go on, but it would just be a complete Ass Kissing Session which he doesn't like very much...keep up the good work on representing BLS, I still think you are one of the best even if you hate it when I say it :)" - Soge


Additional Information

Nick: |BLS|Lazarus
Name: Jonas Ohlsson
Favorite Weapon: Depends on mood :P
Favorite Map: Bleak
Favorite Taunts: Let Rock!, Rofl @ Ziltoid xD, Help yourself m8 ;)
Favorite Mode: Zark
Favorite Players: ']['rauma, Chr1st, Askook (although Askook is an asshole too xD)
Role Model (Mentor): Ehm.. Chr1st I guess :P
Languages: Gå och gör er användbara ;)
"BLS Lazarus (Aka BridgeTroll) - First I got to say this, your sense of humour alone would make me want you in this clan xD. Ok, got that out of the way. Now unfortunatly I was not there at all or even known lazarus when he became a BLS. Shocking, I know. However I can sense this was an individual that was seasoned in the ways of UT, and of rock..lol (then again, of course we get along, we are same age!) Fun guy to be with, but also can be serious if he has to. Lazarus is also what I consider to be the moral protector of the spirit within BLS. He wants to make sure we dont get to big so we don't ruin the community that we exist in. He wants people with skill but more importantly, people with a heart and personality. And that dear friend, I truly respect. Mc's Strategic Analysis - I think Laz is me with a good ping in a way (a future me). He basically has my exact style. His sniper is just retarded since I remember he kept headshotting me on atlanta. So I vowed never to let him do it again and now he only got me like 3 times ever since xD. This attacker prefers weapons of percision, such as the sniper, shock rifle, and minigun. He's also one of the best minds in terms of how to play CTF. As in how to attack, which hammer jump will be the most succesful, and exactly when to stop attacking and just go killing, because trust me, laz can do that. We are sniper buds, just it's a shame I cannot have his ping, or I would probably be playing in FFA instead of ND. Then again, unlike him, I like the grapple hook :D Laz movement like all BLS is good, although he reminds me of an earlier version of lid, and mostly moves to side to side. Doesn't matter, because with percision that rivals Blub, you'll be dead anyway before you can hit him ;)" - MC
"Something about this swedish individual which is just strange , yet funny :P. Always speaks his mind =]. But anyway , imo the best trans user in teh whole clan. When he uses it , the chances of actually SEEING him are low , but killing him...lol..... no chance =]. Is so fun to play with and always has me laughing out loud ( literally ) whilst playing with him =]. He is a formiddable attacker and can defend himself well when he has the flag. Scumbag always has some gay ability to kill me when im on low health =]. ALL THE TIME , its annoying lol. But yeah , hes actually a very usefull UT player , kinda strange , but fucking funny lol " - Anon
"The trans master. Ive never seen anyone telefrag chr1st in a match until it was me and laz vs chr1st and anon. He telefragged him like 5 times and I was like :o how did he do that?!?! the best attacker in my mind because of his most powerful trans moves. Without the trans in wars laz would be crying lol. Laz is also great with a sniper rifle as I have witnessed. the thing that amazes me most is that he can hang with chr1st until it comes to the actual killing part. then we all die. very fun man to play with and is always someone who is hard to take down. I remember facing him at 2pyramids and we would both get owned by deemer abusers (mc). :P I taught him well on the work of getting girls though xD" - Kron
"this one can also be a long story.. lazarus is my brothers friend and he put me in this ut playing and im very glad over it :D hm lazarus is one of this person u can always play with if he not playing floorball... and i love/hate to play with this guy cuz you not know what way his taking and somehow he coming upp bakside and telefrag u and u think WTF whas that :O? and some times he just loling around with the trans and THAT is that time u realy realy hate him its so boring to play with him when he is doing that cuz if u take the flag and run 2 steps and think yey his not here... (dont hink that) if u do that u will die in like 1 sec mabye 2 if u have luck with u :P end of that i think ;) " - Zilt
"i am very glad i met LaZzy PazZy hehe and the funniest ever is to watch his avatar playing a greek traditional song i sent him hahahaha so sweet!i ll send u more if u like! flower u re a nice delightfull person with cool taste of music and so fun to hang up with u ^^!!!! flower and love for legos xD" - ch3rry
"now that i can say i have fully played with you for a year, i know that you NEVER get boring. once we get bored with one thing, its a trans battle, once that gets boring, hammer battle, and once that is boring, dodging battle. Your still the fastest man ive seen use the trans and i am still not done teaching you about girls" - Kron (again but later)
"Haha, Laz is the man. If you need a laugh just log on to your MSN and hope Laz is on cuase if he is your ass will be laughing none stop. He has the weirdest fetish for midget girls and cartoon characters (Jasmin). As a player he is the fucking Trans master (no, not transvestite **Lets Hope**rxD) damn guy hasn't played regularly in a while but, he somehow managed to get 20 frags by the trans in one match...that's fucking crazy. He is also known for his love of Rock, beer, and Hot rock chicks. If you plan on taking Laz back to your place, just make sure you get plenty of beer and he would be ready for some action with rock playing on the background ofc. ;)" - Soge

"he also has crappy ping coz he lives in canada aswell , but his aint as bad as Mc's ping. He always covers me and is a real good player with deadly accuracy and dont tend to die too often. He is also really nice and introduced me to the clan. He also has a stupidly long msn hotmail adress account thing :P" - Anon
"a very good teammate and friend, with him playing on line im always win lol.. sometimes supperrpasin him haha.. i have good times with him aslo on msn.. and let me tell u taht his is a very good player.. and a good jumper lol.. u know what im talkin about lids =)" - Ciro
"BLS Lidstrom - The one who started it all. I remember when we were both darks and we started playing together. Hearing that lid was also Canadian, we chatted and soon became friends. Later on, lid wanted to make a clan and after considerable thought, I decided to support him in his cause. And look at us now! Lidstrom is definitly one of the coolest people I've met in life, and not to mention we are both canadian and asian, so makes a differnece! Mc's Strategic Analysis : Lid's role in BLS clan is extremely diverse. A natural born killer, his style is to normally time well armed rockets at your feet, preventing you from progressing forward a centimeter. He along with specific BLS killers wants to keep his flag in his 'house' and will do so by either hunting your a$$ down, or by playing the strategic defender. I personally do not like fighting lid and rather would be on his side, then against him. Anytime I have my score higher then him in a good ctf game, I consider it an honour." - MC
"The leader of the clan and probably the smartest as well. He is the smartest defender ive ever seen play. He basically sets a trap for you to walk right into so that he can slaughter you happily :). And if he gets killed he has like telepathic powers to send some invisable wall or a teammate to stop you from leaving base until hes back and then he kills you. When hes on attack he basically just kills his heart out. Well your heart you actually. In games he constantly has second most frags (after anon), most grabs, and most flag kills :P. He is the monster in monster hunt that takes like 5000000000 rockets just to kill." - Kron
"Lidstrom is a defender you can rely on. You don't want to play small tight maps against Lidstrom xD As an attacker, it's a pain to grab his flag... yes thats right.. the flag belongs to Lid. A great personality and great sence of humor also, always makes me laugh so much when I read the forum or talk on msn. He shoulders the role as the leader of the clan. And you do it perfectly, I don't think you have to be more serious about things. You've formed this clan and shaped it such a perfect way. Just keep look in here on forum and in servers. once a day, once a week or once a year doesn't matter :P Just reveal yourself and the BLS spirit will always be on MAXIMUM FIRE POWER!! Go' ol' uncle Lid haha that I should call you xD" - Laz
"Never see him play lol but when i do , he is at the top of his team. Always willing to take a challenge and wont EVER moan if his team sucks , hell just get his head down and deal with it ( like mc ). Im his alarm clock , when i sign on to play UT , thats normally the sign that he has to get some kip. I remember when i was playing against him when i first went into BLS and was juat amazed by how good he is with rocket launcher and just slaughetered everyone on facing worlds. + he has sucky ping sometimes , so its amazing he can actually do anything with that suck ping ;)" - Anon (again but later)
"ok Lid is the coolest leader ever bt i wont comment u cuz i know u longer and u re the older here no more compliments :P" - ch3rry
"Wow, its almost been a year and I've played with you a total of about 10 times. you are NEVER on when i want to play with the leader. Wait, you are never on at all. You are really lazy when it comes to play but when it comes to leading, your maybe one of the most un-lazy? ever. With you as leader, the clan will be strong for many more years and i will stay strong with it. I love the sense of humor you have and your sense of urgency as well when they are both needed. great in-game player as well." - Kron (again but later)
"Every group of friends has that one person that everyone gravitates towards, the one person's home where everyone meets...and for BLS that Person is Lid and his home is this Forum. He makes BLS possible without him all the people here would have never even met each other. He is what brings BLS together, when we fight he makes This Two page story like posts and all of the sudden peace is restored (it could be that BLS reads them and after 2 days of reading we forget what we where fighting about in the first place LOL) But yeah in games he's pretty good specially in Defense damn I hate to face him, he says he didn't played at all when He was gone. But with his skillz I think he was practicing UT is some faraway Cave or Igloo in the Canadian Mountains :P To make it short, "Lid is BLS", plain and simple" - Soge

"xD I get so childish when she's on server. When she spectate I'm always like "look at me, look at me" Like a child to his mother xD She's a great player also with big capacity and great sense of fun, which is a great quality! I think BLS is just the right place for Cherry and I hope we'll always have some great games with you once in a while. And you know that everytime you enter a server with another BLS member.. they instatly become your bodyguard. Soge the most extreme example perhaps xD Cherry also seems intelligent when she's discussing sophisticated stuff with me on msn. And She has got a great heart and a great taste for music! That's coooooooooool" - Laz
"What can I say, she is our Goddess, we live to worship her!! The most kind person I had the pleasure to meet while playing UT. But don't mistake her kindness for weakness, she will Snipe your Head off without any remorse xD. Its always fun to play with her. If you meet her in an insta server you "will" understand how scary she really is. Plus, she puts up with my Hot Chick Thread (has never complained about it) so that makes her extra special to me :). Plain and simple she is the perfect BLS: Good aim, great sense of humor, nice body ;) but the most important thing of all, A Good Hearth!! !love My Greek Goddess <3" - Soge


Additional Information

Nick: SogeKing
Name: Hector E. E.
Favorite Weapon: Shock Rifle
Favorite Map: Liandrydocks
Favorite Taunt: "Ha Ha Ha!"
Favorite Player: OMFG
Role Model (Mentor): Tweek (Bruno)
Favorite quote: "Tits or GTFO" and "No Fat chicks allowed"
Favorite line used: The Name is King, Soge King...8): Black Luster Soldiers is my Creed, [BLS] is my pride
"*fnizz* you got the violet color. Oh I dunno where to begin.. well.. This is an american musclepack! he looks like a guy on my work xD haha that's funny D: And what more can I say about you.. You're one of the freshest recruits of BLS.. long gone and wanted :P but when you finally got here.. damn I have had so much fun with you.. especially on msn with long and totally weird conversations :P Along with serious stuff.. like musclebound laz project.. and ofc most serious subjects.. beer and boobies :D I'm so happy that you're one of the actives these days aswell! BLS is just the right place for you!.. like I said with cherry. I'd say you're already as good attacker as me and will improve alot in your skills! But remember to log on msn sometimes :D You have also a great taste of girls xD Beside your japaneese anime fetisch xD And finally.. when Soge says "i've got your back" I always get a creepy IRL spinal cold :S xD" - Laz

"Should be our oldest member I think. He's a pure coverer. Masters a part of the game that i really not do. Covering is probably my worst side of UT :P But you're reliable and more dangerous then any terrorist organization. When we play on same side.. i pretend I'm chased by evil nazis when i suddenly meet Hugo Stigliz aka the BearJew xD We meet, say a quick hello to eachother, and he clean up all my slimy followers. Our opinions about things regarding the clan has been different many times. Although I really can feel you want so much with BLS and has got a great heart. You're drifty and it feels you really live in the game when you play. Curse those who doesn't grab! xD" - Laz
"Bioly's student. He has learned the rocket technique from bio and he is getting much better with them. When i first met r2, he was a noob who was always angry and flaming everyone, but now he is more mature and his skill is at a whole new level. Part of the polish package, he is very deadly when covering the flag carrier and will do anything to make sure we cap. He is very respectful and his english is some of the best for a polish man. He left before but now he is back and im glad he is. A great friend and a great player, hope he can stay this time for a long time" - Kron
"The Cover guy if he covers your ass, you can go ahead and use your right hand to eat your burger cause you know your ass will be alright!! :) He's one of the deadliest players in BLS although I think he underestimates his own abilities xD His passion for UT is like no other, yeah he will call you a noob, yell at you but its only because he loves you! ;) (or cause you suck one of the two)" - Soge


Additional Information

Nick: `Kr0nn-BLS
Name: Richard Liley
Favorite Weapon: Shock Rifle
Favorite Map: Cynosure
Favorite Taunt: "Useless"
Favorite Player: Blackmane, Snky (USA Players)
Role Model (Mentor): Chr1st
Favorite quote used: "Ninja Mode: ON"
"BLS Kr0nick - As with most BLS, I am usually there at the time of their birth to this wonderful clan. And you are no less exception. I remember when you kept bugging me over and over on the ND server and I kept telling you to wait and wait. Man it must've been annoying :P But one thing I didn't tell you was that when lid came on, I went off to talk to him privately and said, "Hey Lid, I saw some of the candidates that want to join BLS, but I want kr0nick in definitly, think he earned it ;)" And that's where everything turned around and now you are one of us. I feel as though the more we play/talk, the more respect we gain for each other. I still think you need a bit more wisdom but dont we all? ;) Mc's Strategic Analysis - I consider him the "ICanDoAnythingIfIHaveTo" player. He's the allround player, yet as usual (like an elf) he excels in certain things. I believe he's more of the aggressor rather then the defensive player (which I witnessed as he kept killing me on snipefortress everytime I tried to take his teams flag). I definitly feel safe when he's covering, since like anon and everyone else, he'll seek me when I have the flag and cover my ass with that deadly shock rifle. His continuing improvement is making him more of the deadlier version of BLS, but then again he is an instagib master right? I remember I faced him in atlanta server and it wasn't fun, considering he instagib my ass. The only thing I can match kr0nick on is my movement, which I think now it's just as good as him. I still think I'm the better sniper, but with that percision you have, who knows? :P" - MC
"Kron =] - This lad is actually a pretty amazing player if you actually think about it. What i find most amazing is that he will talk to everyone on the server and still end up 1st or 2nd in his team :o how can you do that :/. Hes a pretty usefull insta player and tbh , i dont like facing him 1v1. He pwns you with shock and just bones you with a rocket launcher , either way , your chances of not being killed a shit load of times in a match by kron are very slim =]. I always like being on his team , i know my arse is covered =]. Im predecting him to be one of the greatest in BLS. He also dislikes the Polaks as much as i do and is pretty good at insulting them aswell lol" - Anon
"Havn't played very much with you either.. Remember some games only. One when we faced Chr1st and anon. That was hard time but we did well :D Also the instagames against HKL I remember. You are the instamaster of BLS :P I love playing side by side with you especially in wars. Dunno if you're attacker of coverer but I don't care I just want you in the field! Always fun games with you, great sence of humor and girls haha xD " - Laz
"Kronick is a good guy... and skilled :P Hanging around on the european .de servers and doin it well. Sometimes our opinions about things aren't the same but it use to work :P . When we started play together, i remember you were good in tha fast speed games in american servers.. and that's what they use to say about you.. "America is my territory and I dominate it" I've enjoyed many wars with you and you're a good coverer with a brain for the game. Also you have good spirit when it comes to just having fun on maps and train or explore different things. Always up for the new modes. Don't stop polishing you're shock rifle :P" - Laz (again but later)
"Well, he is from the U.S. so you know he's good, but damn, I got to say that he is the most well rounded player in BLS. He not only owns in NA but In EU as well not even the Chr1st can claim that. I have gotten some angry MSN messages of people mad about getting owned by him. LOL Kron does it all, NW, BT, High-speed, 100% speed, instagib, combogib, defence, attack, Freelancing and he does it with Style. I really hope I can get as good as him in EU someday, but for now, I'll watch and learn from him" - Soge

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