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Community database: HERE!

BLS Information

Clan Founder:
Lidstrom (AKA Ovechkin.8 / Datsyuk.13)

Clan Name Founder:
MC (AKA Mattie)

Clan Full Name:
Black Luster Soldiers

Clan Official Birthday:
March 13th 2008

Clan Country:

Clan Game:
Unreal Tournament 99

Clan Main Game Type:
Capture The Flag [Normal Weapons]

Clan Alternative Game Type:

Clan Current Main Leader [1st Priority Full Privilege] :

Clan 2nd in Command [Full Privilege] :

Clan 3rd Leader [European Section Leader] :

Clan Former Main Leader [Off-Game Godfather] :

Clan Ally:

Clan System
BLS main goal is simply to have fun together in-games and off-games as long as we keep a fun UT99 community alive together. We're very laid-back so our members may become busy/inactive. ClanBase doesn't spike our interests much mainly because members don't have the schedules for it. We normally hand pick our members but clan applications are always welcomed. Despite being a clan that is only seeking for fun, we've also wanted to bring more special flavors into it: Communication, Team Chemistry, Special Skills, Fun Personality, etc. This is in case we decide to have some fun clan wars for a bit of challenge. It usually takes a while before someone gets qualified to represent our clan since we've become very strict and picky. After having J0ker as our ONLY exception, any other new BLS member MUST be our forum member (with fair participation to be recognized). Otherwise, the player will remain a BETA version for us (or a wannabe) until he/she will be forced to either join the forum or take the tag off. This has become a new strict BLS enrollment. There should be no stranger in our clan as most clan members must know each other enough to keep a comfortable atmosphere of being HOME.

Additional BLS recruitment information (expect strange sense of humor): HERE

Clan Community Strictness and Security Level
The BLS clan and its community people are very laid-back. This means, there are not many rules to follow as we ensure that our community is mature enough to not cause too much trouble. We want to stay peaceful, therefore, we will always keep a peaceful atmosphere. Everyone is free to speak their minds, just as long as they don't cross the line and become hostile. Keeping a friendly atmosphere also includes having fun, teasing and making fun of friends in a friendly way and not in a harmful immature mocking way. People could get the idea just by observing the community regulars. At the end, we're not that strict compared to other communities. That is because we trust our community people's behaviors and we take them as our friends. Who the hell would go around and restrict their friends by using authority, right? Lid has set the community that way and it has to stay that way.

Security Level
In order to prevent the forum from having unwanted individuals who intend to ruin our community, we've tighten up our security for regular people's comfort. Those individuals are banned from the community for taking things to a totally intolerable level. Their actions are only justified inside of the BLS community. Ever since, new forum members will have to be verified and approved by BLS Leaders. Their IPs will be verified if they're authentic and not using proxies. Their email addresses will be judged or even verified to see if they're genuine. After this whole process, the new members will get approved and they can then participate in the community with us. You've been warned: if you're using an unknown username, you'd better introduce yourself. If not, expect some interrogative private messages coming at you if none of the BLS members were able to recognize you. If no one has been able to identify you and you haven't posted anything or you haven't even replied to any of our PM, then you'd get kicked out of the forum. BLS members get their IP scanned by a bot everyday and if there's any abnormality, they'll have their account suspended for BLS safety measure. Females in the community likely have higher level of protection from BLS members, leaders and the godfather himself since they're the minority. We want to maintain some PRESTIGE in our community.

Higher Security Level
This is equal to code red requested by an important forum member that feels threatened by the presence of another individual within the community. When it happens, BLS quickly eliminates that unwelcomed individual's presence and will tighten up the policy of accepting new members for nearly a year or until the victimized person allows us to stop the extremely strict security. New BLS forum members will have to be well-known in UT games. They will have to sign up and then provide in games all the details of their community sign ups. They will then be accepted into BLS prestigious kingdom (after also passing all the other security tests). Before being accepted, interrogations in games may happen (through normal conversations). BLS naturally detects imposters that try to infiltrate.

Individuals hit by the BLS security

Avanox, one of the leaders for Conviction of Destiny (CoD) clan, has been kept away by Lid for trying to ruin the community atmosphere. Later on, he was let in by Lid but then got hit by Lid's ban hammer for the 2nd time in order to keep Ch3rry in safe community away from Ava's obvious bothersome behavior. As time passed by later on, Ch3rry announced that she would no longer mind about his presence. For that matter, Lid was gonna leave the door opened for Ava again but MC refused and will forever refuse it. Most of BLS members also didn't want to give Ava any more chances as he was the most disliked for his past history. He is the most unwelcomed individual in our community and he's the main reason that the BLS security had been tighten up. He kept coming back for it.

Alpha/omega was hit hard by the ban hammer for following Ava around the place and talk trash about the BLS clan and its community. But as his maturity got developed, he has shown more respect towards our community, making him more welcomed to the community for another chance. Unfortunately, he hasn't appeared ever since, probably because of some pressure being put on his sister.

Anonymous got hit by the BLS security for appearing with a suspicious non-matching IP address several times. He was still a BLS at that time so his account got suspended for wandering in the BLS secret section with an unfamiliar IP location. The suspension led to an exposed PM inbox so that leaders could have full access to it and then a newly created BLS agency was made for leaders only, in case there's anything fishy among the clan members. Anon's account was accessed by none other than Avanox before it got suspended. The account was later recovered by Anon but by that time, he was already expulsed from the clan.

Minde got hit by people's ban hammer for spamming the forum in a very disturbing way. He's still squashed up under the ban hammer but he might be brought back to life through the time as some people did miss his presence after all.

Tiribulus got hit by BLS security for confidential reasons.

Forum Features Descriptions
BLS Community Titles
This idea was based off Call of Duty but with even more humors and randomness. Every single title holder is a person who's known in BLS community to fit in the titles descriptions, hence why they deserve to have their names next to the titles. However, the titles can be borrowed and carried by anyone. But based off accomplishments and reputations, we would all know who the real title holders are, from the main BLS Community Titles page.
BLS Museum
Since the BLS clan had a lot going on in the past with so many memories and history, we came up with this idea as a way to discuss about our past selves in the world of UT99 and BLS clan. It lets people know the evolution of the clan and its community. Some old threads from BLS secret sections could be brought up to the public! But few other old threads may have to remain in the secret section as they are sensitive cases for public. The BLS secret sections hold about the same amount of threads as General Discussion does.
BLS Community Database
The BLS community itself holds a lot of information and data. This may come handy for people who are new to the community or for regulars who just happened to have missed something. They can consult the community database which is like a sort of encyclopedia. There are many things that people may not have known about the community and what's currently going on.
UT Players Information
This feature allows people to set their UT99 profile which is attached to their forum profile. It's a pretty useful feature to let others know what kind of skin you're currently using in games. It also allows people to know what kind of weapon you like to use the most and what kind of map you like to play in. Those information could come in handy when we wanna come up with a squad in clan wars or in some quick fun games.
BLS Blog
The BLS blog was the first thing ever created for the clan by Lid. As the clan grew bigger, Lid moved on to another way of bringing people together. Once the forum was created, Lid had found a volunteer who could completely be in charge of the blog. Since then, that BLS blog has officially been under Ch3rry's hands, the most lovely BLS member. The blog designs and recent blog posts were all made by her as well.
This is still a new concept where people in the community is allowed to upload any kind of picture in order to get them rated and commented by the community. Pictures with lowest ratings will be deleted if the storage is full while people are adding even more new pictures.
BLS Players Profiles
Every single BLS member could have their own fancy profile filled with comments from their clanmates. The only problem is that it would have to take a while before a member gets his/her own fancy profile. It is to make sure that the member is proven faithful enough and it will also save some times for Lid to not make any fancy profile for a member who has a tendency to leave the clan a little too early. In other words, it is best meant for members who are willing to stay in BLS forever. If not, for years.
BLS FaceBook Group
Some of the people in the community have a FaceBook account. If you have one, why not join us! You may also get the chance to see some of the players faces in there. Expand friendship through FaceBook (and MSN)! The clan group was first started privately by Laz but later enhanced publicly by Lid.
Special Thanks
Lid would like to thank Arturro (R2) for the BLS banner design, Moko and Soge for their titles contribution, Ch3rry for the blog maintenance and BLS members for their faith and opinions. One more thing, Lid would like to thank everyone for their community presence, participation and support. May this UT99 clan community live forever between good friends!